Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

School environment at Olympia has been designed specifically to match the learning needs of a child. Classrooms, carpet room, labs, library, art/craft room, playground, and other co-curricular activity rooms are close to each other. There is a separate playing area for junior students. Students can also enjoy themselves in school garden.

English is primary medium of communication in our school, but priority is also given to improve the verbal and written skills in the Nepali language as well. Every Friday is considered as Nepali Day and students are allowed to speak freely in Nepali language on that day. Students also take additional Mandarin and French language classes from grade 6 onwards. In addition to this handwriting class has been put to improve the writing capacity as well as ability of our students.

Olympia, as a pioneer school to introduce SmartClass, positive discipline measures, child friendly class rooms, psychological counselling of students inside the school, activity based learning, approach to holistic education and etc. has been able to attract the heart and mind of students, guardians, educators and the enthusiasts since its inception. We are proud to say that we are living up to the expectations of the students and parents by providing practical academic excellence and innovative CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) activities.

At Olympia, we have adopted a very unique teaching methodology. As the days and year pass by, we are making SmartClass more compatible according to our syllabus so that we could have maximum utilization of digital technology in our classrooms. We follow practical teaching and learning pedagogy. Our students are allowed to make mistakes with the philosophy that they learn through their own mistakes. Students are encouraged to do the tasks assigned to them till they achieve their goals of learning by doing. We have opted different patterns of examination in Nepalese schooling system.

The teachers at Olympia are given professional development opportunities continuously to adopt new teaching and learning methods. We frequently offer trainings to our teachers and staff through the experts from home and abroad for providing with proper care and education to our precious tiny torts.

Olympia has practiced Positive Discipline policy since its inception which has helped the students to explore and dig out their latent talent to share their knowledge and wisdom with their friends and teachers. Students are enjoying the freedom to good use. Students are categorised under three zones (red, yellow and green) according to their overall performance and the reward system has been implemented for the students who fall in such zone so that we could praise the good doers and at the same time encourage the other students who are not doing well without giving punishment. Therefore, we can proudly say that we have created cordial environment among Olympia School family.

Our school gate is always open for parents/guardians for constructive suggestions and criticisms to enhance our Good Teaching Practice (GTP).

At Olympia we encourage our students to be more inquisitive and learn through discoveries. Students enjoy creative freedom inside and outside our classrooms. Our concern is optimal development of a child’s personality and competencies. Our teachers encourage and instruct students for researching and learning autonomously. Students work independently through texts, project works, present their results, discuss with peer group, teachers and parents and reflect their skills on their own work. Field trips are essential parts of learning and are adjusted according to lesson plans. We focus on visual aids with SmartClass, graphic organizers, and mind maps at the core of our teaching-learning methodology.

Olympia ensures Activity Based Learning rather than traditional teaching; Students are encouraged to take part in various clubs and become the members of such clubs. These clubs (art & craft, debate, dramatics, dance, nature, journalism etc) helps them to boost their confidence and to excel in their hobbies. Besides that they build in themselves certain leadership qualities with the help of these clubs. This also guides them to work in groups and as such has been found very productive.

Life Skills: Education today should involve learning life skills that a person will carry with them afterwards in order to navigate relationships and careers and be a well-rounded, successful person. At Olympia, we focus on teaching certain life skills to our students which are valuable in life in general. Though high school and college is excellent in teaching many valuable skills, our current academic curriculum does not teach many aspects necessary to succeeding and thriving in life in general, such as financial responsibilities and investments, how to think logically, ‚Äúretaining information and not merely temporarily memorizing information, and how to apply such abilities to real-world scenarios which are bound to occur. For us, teaching isn’t just about learning the curriculum rather it’s about teaching life skills. We love to teach those kind of thing, those type of life skills that will help young people do well.