Olympia World School, Babarmahal, Kathmandu, running under the management of young and dynamic team of academicians is a co-educational institution catering academic activities from grade I to X. It offers a modern approach education and aims to give the best quality education in fun-filled, child-friendly and homely environment. Education for us is not just classroom activities and passing exams, it is academic space for sound desired growth of the students, opportunities they get for bigger exposure and overall development. We have introduced hi-tech smart classes to meet the pace with high tech pedagogical intervention in academics. We have about 25 students in each section so that each student gets equal attention. Junior classes till five have grade teaching and middle classes practice move around classes where students go to the classes of the subject and teacher remains stationed. Three times healthy and hygienic meal served in the school is carefully planned, prepared and served each time. Our door to door transportation services assure parents for children’s safety and well being to school. At Olympia, teachers and students together create healthy learning environment in their classrooms filled with participatory creative works. Olympia has congenial and cordial environment where school administrators, teachers/staff, students and parents work collectively in a respectful and professional manner to form conducive school community and follow GTP (good teaching practices).  For quick and effective functioning and smart management, we have class and level wise Coordinators.    The school has various Head of Departments working vertically to analyze and evaluate the progress of the subject. It helps in maintaining consistency of quality and timely feedback in teaching and learning.


To produce globally acceptable human resource through research-oriented practical education system and to make students more capable and competent to conduct their course related mini-research projects and help them understand the core of the things

We envision that every student has their own potential and ensure they are provided every opportunity to make a maximum use of present time and resources.  We believe each child regardless of their social, economic or cultural background can flourish and realize their overall potentiality and produce visionary, skilled, tolerant, and result-oriented human resources that can address the challenges of the 21st century.


We believe each child is special and matters a lot. Each child comes from different socio, economic, varied cultural and family values. Our teachers play multiple roles putting children first.  A teacher plays multiple roles in the classroom, an organizer, a friend, a manager, a facilitator, an instructor, a guide, a nose cleaner, a parent depending on the situation. Since we are child centered and child friendly school we believe in zero punishment and positive reinforcement. Practical approach in teaching helps them understand things easily and we make teaching learning fun-filled activity as far possible.

We believe that the education should breed independent thinking, capacity to accept change, inspiration and experimentation . We constantly endevour to develop each student as a good communicator; a true human with virtues of justice to apreciate ethical and social values; an able person with clear, logical and independent thinking; a sound human with good health, fitness for wholesome and productive life and a true person with understanding and appreciations of cultural, scientific, political and economical ideas.,