Olympia World School curriculum and teaching methodology are designed to develop independent thinking and social and emotional skills in students. Olympia prides itself on its small class size of around 25 students and a teacher student ratio of 1:10 (approx) which helps in providing individual attention. Olympia provides an exceptional education milieu for children to easily transition their learning process to schools/universities worldwide.

We believe that the universal values of teamwork, respect, responsibility, ethics, etiquette, and service should be inculcated.

We meet academic and developmental needs of every child by offering age appropriate and child-centric curriculum. The teaching methodology uses inquiry and exploration by students. Though the focus is on Academics, Olympia School offers a rich program that combines Art, Music, Pottery, Games, Sports, Athletics, Dramatics and Hiking as part of core curriculum. Our teachers undergo training on new pedagogy and class room administration once a year. The project based learning method emphasizes hands on training and nurtures children’s innate creative potential.

The unique design of the campus, child friendly facilities, informal learning environment, value based education, customized integrated curriculum, and digital technology aided teaching are the hallmarks of Olympia World School.

Our focus on practical approach prepares children to face real life issues and give the power of community to succeed in their future endeavors. We create an ideal environment through which students become competitive and are educated for knowledge creation, lifelong learning and leadership. They will take on leading roles in their future working environments: directing change, solving problems and developing new knowledge.