1. All the children should carry required books, NBs, diary, pen/pencil and other materials to school every day.
  2. The students should be habitually clean, tidy and always neatly dressed. Everyone should follow the code of conduct of dress, fitting and size.
  3. At the first stroke of the bell at 8.40 a.m., all must fall in line immediately and form the lines for the assembly for Prayers and morning presentations and subsequently move silently to their classrooms.
  4. English is our official language and all are expected to speak in ENGLISH only in SCHOOL.
  5. Utmost cleanliness must be observed in school premises. Throwing litter, pieces of paper, seeds and skins of fruits is strictly prohibited. Use of dustbins provided, should be made for this.
  6. Writing or scribbling on walls and desk, benches or anywhere else is strictly prohibited. Any kind of damage done by pupils to the school equipments, furniture, building, etc. will have to make compensate penalty or replace the item. Damage done by accident must be reported to the teacher or the Principal on time.
  7. Strict regularity, implicit obedience, politeness, courtesy in speech and conduct and cleanliness of books, dress and person are rigidly insisted upon.
  8. Silence must be observed in the corridors and on the stairs during class hours. They should     not be found talking in between periods. No shouting, whistling is allowed in or around the school building.
  9. No books (other than Text or Library books), newspapers or periodicals must be brought to School. Any objectionable literature found in possession of the student justifies dismissal.
  10. The school shall not be held responsible for books, money, clothes and other articles that are lost. Students must look after their own things. It is not advisable for pupils to have money, valuable articles or jewelry with them. Harmful or lethal objects should not be brought to school. Beware; it is criminal to carry harmful or lethal objects.
  11. Fancy watches are not allowed to be worn in the school and will be confiscated. Students from Std. VII only will be allowed to wear wrist watches. Cell Phones, electronic and gaudy items, expensive jewelry, are not permitted in the school premises. Any student found carrying a mobile phone, the phone will be confiscated and a heavy penalty will be levied on the parents after written request with application. Girls are allowed to wear only sizeable earrings.
  12. Children are not allowed to attend / visit public places in school dress on their own. Pupils are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and even outside the School. Hence misbehavior in public places and conveyance is punishable. Every student should Endeavour to keep up high tone of the school, by excelling in good manners and deportment.
  13. A student who is unwell should not be sent to school. In case of emergency, medical fees and transport charges will be borne by the parents. Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases are not permitted to attend the school.
  14. Any sort of complaints / suggestions regarding school matters should be handed over to the Principal and not to the class teachers.
  15. Any correspondence by the parents should be on a separate application / note on a full-scale paper and must be sent in an envelope.
  16. Parents or Guardians can request a meeting with the teacher only with the prior permission of the Principal and should never approach the teacher directly in the classroom.
  17. Students will not be allowed to meet, interact with the visitors during classes. Children are not allowed to bring strangers to classroom or school.
  18. Lending, borrowing of money and other articles is not permitted. No student is allowed to bring money to school.
  19. Students should attend functions, fairs, festivals or programs celebrated in the school.
  20. The school expects each child is privileged with family time with parents and family members at least twice a week for half an hour each. Family time is fun-filled time in between family members to discuss, enjoy, interact, enquire, report and share without intervention of electronic media or other outside factors
  21. No student is allowed to apply nail polish, mehandi or make tattoos in body. Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, pets, fireworks, sharp instruments are strictly prohibited in the school.
  22. For breach of any School Rules, a student may be fined or otherwise punished at the discretion of the Principal. The school reserves for itself the right to terminate the schooling of students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or who could not progress his behavior or has defamed school or could not follow school’s code of conduct and basic etiquettes and courtesy. 
  24. You must reach the school between 8-30 a.m. to 8-45 a.m.
  25. You must put on neat, clean and proper uniform
  26. You must attend the school Assembly.
  27. Late comers should bring a note of explanation from their parents.
  28. You must greet/wish the teachers/staff, show respect to seniors and love/care  juniors, and use respectful language
  29. Be at the appropriate places punctually, make daily home routine and follow it, help your parents and learn the way of real life, learn the ways to solve differences in an amicable way
  30. Take a good care of your personal, public and school’s property
  31. You are strictly forbidden to leave the school premises at unusual times. In case of emergency/sickness an application should be made to the Principal seeking permission.
  32. You must not run around inside the school building. They must observe silence while walking through the corridors or while going up and down the staircase
  33. All the students should follow and abide by the rules and regulations of the school


  1. All students must wear only prescribed uniform on all weekdays without making any alterations. It should always be neat and clean. Shoes should be properly polished and socks must be changed daily.
  2. Colourful casual dress is allowed only on Birthdays and on other occasions as and smart casual days announced by the school.
  3. Prescribed house dress is to be worn on CAS days.
  4. The nails of the children should be properly trimmed and kept clean.
  5. Boys must have a regular crew-cut maximum 2.5 to 3 inches in length. The girls have to arrange their hair in 2 or 1 braids and tie them up with white ribbon having single or double pony tails. White hair band must be used for short hair for girls.
  6. ABSENCE:-
  7. Irregular attendance and unjustified absence may lead to dismissal from school.
  8. The parents of the children who remain absent even for a day must write a note in the ‘Leave and Absentee Record’ in the diary stating the reason for absentee and a handwritten application addressed to the Principal signed by parents must be submitted to the grade/class teacher. In the case of long medical leaves, attested photocopy of medical certificate is to be attached along with the application.
  9. In case of a long sickness, a letter must be sent to the Principal on a neat sheet of paper enclosed in an envelope with appropriate details written on it. Parents must not wait to send this intimation until the child recovers. Parents must produce a medical certificate for absence on account of illness.
  10. Absence for any other reason would be permitted only with the prior permission from the Principal. Leaving the school premises without Principal’s permission is strictly not allowed. In case if the student is found missing from the class, the school will no longer be responsible for his/her act as well as safety. Such student will not be allowed to resume classes unless he/she is accompanied by parents. Only after discussion with parents and student, the Principal will decide what disciplinary action should be taken..
  11. If child remains absent from school for more than a month without intimation his name will be deleted from the roll
  2. Students will not be allowed to enter after the morning bell rings.
  3. 90% attendance is necessary for promotion to the next class
  4. Students are not allowed to be absent without genuine reasons; or else they can be charged NRs 100 per day if proper explanation is not supplied in written by the parents. This amount will be used for welfare and societal cause.
  5. In the case of late arrival, parent’s explanation is required. Student’s oral statements will not suffice.
  2. The age advisable for admission to grade I is in between 5 to 6 Years
  3. At the time of admission, the student must produce a transfer certificate and report card from the school last attended and  birth certificate mandatorily 
  4. A month’s notice is required for the withdrawal of pupil or the fee for the following month will be charged. Such notice must be given in writing by the concerned Parent / Guardian. The security deposit of the student will only be refunded after the completion of the school ie passing out the 10th
  5. No Leaving Certificate is issued until all debts due to the School are paid in full.
  6. A student can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds: Indiscipline, unsatisfactory progress in studies, repeated detention, issuance of red card, failing the exams twice in the same class. 


  1. Parents are expected to cooperate with the School Authorities by enforcing punctuality, regularity, personal cleanliness and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons and by taking active and helpful interests in the activities of the School.
  2. Parents should see that their children attend school regularly and in time. The school uniform and school books should be checked every day.
  3. Parents should inculcate regular study habits and check on their children’s homework. In case of problems, please see the Principal during visiting hours.
  4. Reports or remarks sent by the Teachers must be acted upon immediately. Parents must come to collect their ward’s progress report card for the final exam Progress report card will not be handed over to anybody else.
  5. You are advised to avoid junk food for your child
  6. Cater your child’s varied demands occasionally and try out compliments that complement each other.
  7. Criticisms of teachers or of the school in children’s presence should be avoided. You can come directly to us. Please meet the Principal regarding such matters.
  8. Parents Teachers Interaction: PTI meeting is arranged by school and should be attended by at least one parent. Parents are not allowed to contact the teachers directly during school hours. In case, such a meeting is desired by the parent, prior appointment with the class teacher should be taken.
  9. If a Student is likely to be absent through illness for a longer period, the Principal must be informed within three days. Doctor’s medical certificate of fitness must be submitted to the Class Teacher on the day of resuming classes.
  10. Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the School of any change in their address and telephone number.
  11. Parents are requested to realize the value of small appreciations and regards. Your child, we believe is a master piece of creation. You are requested to give due respect to him/her as an individual.
  12. Parents are reminded that without their help and co-operation no significant improvement can be expected from the efforts taken by the school to mould the student’s character in the school. They are therefore intently requested to encourage regularity and discipline, to see that their children attend to the home work set, come to school in proper uniform, and bring all the books required for the day’s work. Every student shall endeavour to keep up the high standard and good reputation of the school by his/her good behavior, values and deportment


  1. Stay in queue while taking food and maintain silence
  2. Visit cafeteria only during meal time, do not waste food
  3. Use sign language prescribed and finish the meal within the time frame
  4. Use spoons and forks while eating
  5. Enjoy the meal served and take all items served
  6. Leave the area only by the permission of the teacher in-charge 

School library is open for all the students and at least one period per week will be given to each student.

  1. Maintain strict silence in library while reading
  2. Books are issued for a week only hence return the books on time after reading. No books will be further issued unless pending books are returned
  3. Books marked, damaged, or disfigured have to be replaced by the borrower
  4. Any student attempting to steal, damage, deface books regularly will be barred from the school library for the whole year
  5. Each student must have library notebook and must bring along while entering the library
  7. The vehicles does not wait for late comers
  8. Do not move in the vehicle, do not open the windows, do not disturb the driver, do not tease others inside and outside, do not spit, discard trash either inside or outside the window
  9. Stay quiet and use English in the vehicle as well
  10. All safety and security measure must be followed while travelling
  11. Be polite and humble with the driver and attendant
  12. You must travel by the vehicle allotted to you. None is allowed to change their route without permission
  13. Nobody else than the permitted students are allowed to travel by the vehicle
  14. Do not harm, scribble, scratch or tear the seats of the vehicle. 

Students indulging in violent and aggressive behavior will not be permitted for school transportation system.  The following measures may be adopted against the students who are unruly and have been reported for their misbehavior by the teachers.

  • Reprimand and counseling
  • Written warning
  • Detention during break and after school hours
  • Suspension and
  • Restriction from the school


  1. Each child must participate in CAS activities
  2. Seek permission before taking any item from ECA and return safely
  3. Be cautious while playing or in action; listen the instruction of the instructor
  4. Take care of items/equipments used and give equal respect and opportunity to all involved
  5. Follow all the rules and regulations and observe and listen to the instructor carefully
  6. Pay due attention to risk of injury during play time
  7. Inform immediately in the case of injuries/wounds to the instructor or teacher in-charge


  1. Each home assignment is to be duly noted on diary and class teacher and guardian has to sign regularly
  2. All the home works done have to be signed by parents/guardians (till grade V)
  3. Do your home works independently and avoid plagiarism
  4. Home works, NBs and books defaulters may be asked to stay back in school to complete the assigned works


  1. Each child has to attend each exam compulsorily in order to be considered in order to get promotion to the next class
  2. Admit card is compulsory for the examination which can be obtained from account section after clearing outstanding dues
  3. Any unfair means in examination will not be tolerated
  4. There is no provision for conditional pass. Students scoring less than 40% in main subjects will be detained or suggested to join other institutions
  5. Request for results before the report card day will not be entertained 
  1. Tuition fees will be charged for 12 months whereas transportation and cafeteria fees will be charged for 11 months
  2. An invoice will be sent with the students one month in advance. Parents are expected to clear all the outstanding dues within 10th of every month.
  3. For the smooth functioning of the school, in the case the bill is not cleared within the given time frame. NRs 100 per day will be levied as a fine amount which will be included in next month’s bill.
  4. Please note: if the bill amount is not paid for two consecutive months, the child will not be picked for school 


Bullying of any form is a serious offence and is strictly prohibited in the school. Students, teachers, staff involved in bullying cases will face consequence that may include termination from the school without second thought.  


Three cards, Green, Yellow and Red will be issued to the students depending on the gravity of their offences.


Green card is issued by the respective co-ordinators on the recommendation of concerned teachers for :

  • Failing to follow the school’s rules including classroom rules, uniform rules and homework rules
  • Arriving the school late without proper reason

If a student receives 2 green cards, his / her parents will be informed but they will be called to school is s/he receives 3 green cards.


A yellow card is issued if the student commits the following offence

  1. Shows disrupting behavior in the class/ school
  2. Misuses school properties and behaves disrespectfully
  3. Uses obscene language and gestures
  4. Brings electronic equipments / disturbs the class environment
  5. Fails to follow school / vehicle/ CAS/canteen/library/attendance/examinations rules
  6. Does not follow school rules/routines
  7. Destroys/misuses others properties
  8. Leaves school or classroom without permission
  9. Plagiarizes in tests and assignments
  10. Misses the tests intentionally

Yellow cards will be issued by the school In-Charge on the recommendation of the teacher. If a student receives yellow card he may be excluded from CAS / ECA activities. The student may also be asked to visit the Principal’s office before s/he is allowed to rejoin regular activities after signing a contract letter of his/her intent to change.

If a student receives 2 yellow cards, his/her parents/guardians will be called to school for a meeting with school administration. If a student receives 3 yellow cards, it may result in the immediate suspension or dismissal of the student form the school.



A red card is issued, if a student commits the following offences

  1. Use of alcohol and tobacco products in the school premises
  2. Uses or distributes drugs of any kid in the school
  3. Indulges in gambling activities
  4. Gets involved in fighting or unwanted physical contacts
  5. Uses racial, ethnic, gender or religious slurs
  6. Gets involved acts of theft or vandalism
  7. Brings weapons to school, bullies, threatens others
  8. Misses the terminal exams for no valid reasons 


  1. The parents and students are expected to cooperate for the venue, location and timing for trips. field visits, excursions and picnics
  2. Students without parents written consent shall not be entertained for excursions